Monitoring, Management, and Analysis of Security Aspects of IaaS Environments




cybersecurity, IaaS, monitoring, Wazuh, Zabbix


Many companies or institutions either already have placed their resources in or plan to move them to the cloud. They do so for security reasons and are weary of the fact that by relying on cloud-based resources, they do not have to bear such extensive infrastructure-related costs. However, continuous technology advancement results not only in benefits, but also in disadvantages. The latter include the growing risk associated with IT security, forcing the individual actors to implement monitoring measures and to respond to numerous threats.
This work focuses on creating a small infrastructure setup using the publicly available Google Cloud Platform which, thanks to the monitoring systems implemented thereon, allows to rapidly respond to hardware and software faults, including those caused by external factors, such as attacks on specific components. This project may also be customized to satisfy individual needs, depending on the cloud service provider selected. The work uses public cloud provider tools as well as open-source systems available for everyone, both in the cloud and in the on-prem environment. The paper deals also with the concept of a proprietary intrusion detection system.


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