Searching for an Efficient System of Equations Defining the AES Sbox for the QUBO Problem




AES Sbox, cryptanalysis, minimal equation system for Sbox, quantum annealing, QUBO


The time complexity of solving the QUBO problem depends mainly on the number of logical variables in the problem. This paper focuses mainly on finding a system of equations that uniquely defines the Sbox of the AES cipher and simultaneously allows us to obtain the smallest known optimization problem in the QUBO form for the algebraic attack on the AES cipher. A novel method of searching for an efficient system of equations using linear-feedback shift registers has been presented in order to perform that task efficiently. Transformation of the AES cipher to the QUBO problem, using the identified efficient system, is presented in this paper as well. This method allows us to reduce the target QUBO problem for AES-128 by almost 500 logical variables, compared to our previous results, and allows us to perform the algebraic attack using quantum annealing four times faster.


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Burek, E., Mańk, K., & Wroński, M. (2023). Searching for an Efficient System of Equations Defining the AES Sbox for the QUBO Problem. Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology, 4(4), 30–37.




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