Pilot Agent-Driven Wireless Acoustic Sensor Network for Uninterrupted Data Transmission





agent technology, audio signal, multipath routing, partial topology, WASN


Wireless acoustic sensor networks (WASN) usually demand uninterrupted and reliable data transmissions and an efficient path from the source nodes to the destination nodes, thus ensuring reliable delivery of sensitive or critical data with the use of multipath routing protocols. This paper presents a novel agent-driven WASN relying on a set of static and mobile agents. In the proposed technique, the location address is functioned into the operating node and the destination node. Calculations of the midpoint between the operating and the destination nodes are followed by identifying the shortest path based on a reference axis, using a mobile agent and a location address. Such an approach aims to ensure maximum utilization of the communicating paths. Based on the information concerning partial topology of the network, the destination node computes the weight factor and multiple paths using node distances, energy ratios and efficiencies of specific links. Then, the destination node selects the appropriate path from the multiple paths available, to transmit the data. This article also analyzes the performance of the proposed system with various parameters taken into consideration and shows its efficiency in comparison to other existing techniques.


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