The New Analytical Model of Free Resources in the Limited Availability Resources




analytical modeling, limited-availability group, multiservice system, networks


The article presents a new analytical model for determining the probability of availability of a certain amount of well-defined free resources (e.g. a link) in a group of dedicated resources (e.g. a group of links) jointly serving a mixture of different classes of multiservice traffic. The presented method can be used to model access to resources in data centres, in particular in the software-defined networks, assuming -- for reliability reasons -- that the user should have access to a certain minimum number of specific separated resources. The proposed analytical model was verified by appropriate simulation experiments, which confirmed the satisfactory accuracy of the results obtained.


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Nowak, B., Stasiak, M., & Zwierzykowski, P. (2023). The New Analytical Model of Free Resources in the Limited Availability Resources. Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology, 4(4), 102–107.




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